Thu. Dec 8th, 2022

If you are a game lover then you have listen about rockstar  games. Our childhood’s one of the best memories is of playing gta games with our friends. At that time we play first game of the series named Grand thief. It was first released in 1997 for Microsoft window and after one year in 1998 it was released for Play station as well.

GTA V comes under the genre of action-adventure game and it is the sixth game of the series and can be purchased if you want to play online. But gta 5 mobile download provides you a free platform where you can download online game for free. Here are some major characters that you may be seen while playing or conducting mission in gta v.

Franklin Clinton

Franklin was one of the young repeated American-African characters who works for luxury car dealership. But his dream is of becoming a big man in Los Santos and due to this dream he doesn’t like his job anymore. After Franklin soon become friend of Michael who help him ones to successful bank rob. After that they execute to do a heist in jewelry shop in which one of the partner of Michael whose name is Trevor Phillips and became a trio. There is some differences between Michael and Franklin as they share the father-son relationship but they keep that relationship aside and conduct a final heist.

Michael De Santa

He is one of the retired bank thieves who live with his family in mansion in Los Santos. But his wife who spent his all money and the family become out of money due to which he wanted to again start rob in which his one of ex partner Trevor Phillips helps him stealing a weapon and the country bank also. But not only Phillips Franklin also one of his new partner and three of them conduct there one of the robbery in which they rob the jewelry store.

Lester Crest

Crest was one of the old friend of Michael and we can say the mastermind of the heists and also gave some assassination mission to the Clinton. He is not involved in any mission physically his main work is to instruct the trio of the Michael, Franklin, and Phillips.

Amanda De Santa

She is the wife of the main character Michael.  In starting Michael and Amanda shares a healthy relationship but everything’s goes wrong after few time. After that she have many other affairs although she is having two children from Michael named Jimmy and Tracey. In the middle of the game she leaves the Los Santos with her children’s but till the ending Michael solve the differences and  reunite his family.

Jimmy De Santa

Jimmy also recognized as James in game and son of Michael and Amanda. He is a young man who smokes a lot like his all family member and has a fair relationship with his father and later he become involved in Trevor’s killing and his one of the good friend is Franklin. But broke his friendship with Franklin and become angry on Trevor because he killed his father.