Fri. Jun 2nd, 2023

Web 3, also known as web 3.0, is considered the next worldwide web generation. This worldwide web focuses on decentralisation, blockchain technology and the creation of decentralised applications. Today there are many job options available for people in this area. The cryptocurrency industry has been thriving for the past few years.

web3 jobs rely on blockchain technology, enabling the creation of a network controlled by a single entity. There are several known technical jobs that you can apply to work in this industry. They tend to create more transparent, accountable systems that resist censorship and fraud.

Non-Technical Jobs You Can Apply

Research Analyst

There are several non-technical jobs in the crypto industry also. Due to the big names like blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies, people always think that the only job option in this area would be technical. However, a research analyst job would be perfect for you because you only need to go through all the research and analysis and extract valuable insight to help your company grow.

Graphic Designer

Graphic designers have a major work in making web-based applications that might be useful for a company’s website, social media and other applications. You only need a good experience certificate in visual content to apply for these jobs.

Content Writer

Content writing is another freelance activity that you can pursue in your career. Many people do show interest in blogs and articles about blockchain technology. It is a good way to make money by writing simple content for a website or even starting your blog on WordPress.

UI Designer

A user interface designer is also a good option if you want a non-technical job. To pursue this job, you only need experience with coding languages such as HTML and JavaScript. Without knowing these languages, you can never get your insight through companies.

Product Manager

The main work of a product manager is to finish the product in the market. The product manager does not require any special analytical or marketing strategy. They should have normal experience in this field to work with stakeholders. The major experience for everyone is communication skills.

Community Manager

Community managers ensure an excellent relationship with the blockchain technology and cryptography industry community. Usually, these things are done with the help of community management tools and other social media tools to improve relationships with others.


Marketing also has a greater career option regarding blockchain technology encrypting currencies. There are several posts, from junior positions to senior management roles, if you are going to pursue your career in marketing. You must work with marketing channels such as social media, blogs, websites, etc.


Web3 might be a greater career option for you, but it requires a lot of skill. If you do not have any skills, then enrol in programs offered by many big industries to understand every aspect of blockchain technology and its development. Without the proper knowledge of the crypto gambling industry, you can never improve your career.